Past Irish Rare Birds
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Rare birds found in Ireland in past years on today's date - October 2nd:

Sykes's Warbler

Garinish, West Beara, Cork, 2013. 

2nd Irish Record

Buff-bellied Pipit

Truska Marsh, Galway, 2010. 

Little Bunting

Tory Island, Donegal, 2005. 

Radde's Warbler

East Town, Tory Island, Donegal, 2003. 

10th Irish Record

Myrtle (Yellow-rumped) Warbler

Cape Clear Island, Cork, 2001. 

9th Irish Record

Red-eyed Vireo

Near the Lighthouse Road, Cape Clear Island, Cork, 1985. 

Trapped. 7th Irish Record


Galley Head, Cork, 1979. 

6th Irish Record

Squacco Heron

Trinity College, Dublin, 1967. 

Found dying in the college grounds

Richard's Pipit

Ineermore, Cape Clear Island, Cork, 1967. 

May be 2 birds involved. 8th Irish Record

Long-billed Dowitcher

Rahasane, Galway, 1963. 

4 birds eventually joined by a 5th. 6th Irish Record

Baird's Sandpiper

Akeragh Lough, Kerry, 1962. 

1st Irish Record

Short-toed Lark

North Slob, Wexford, 1955. 

6th Irish Record

Melodious Warbler

Great Saltee Island, Wexford, 1953. 

Trapped. 3rd Irish Record

Little Bunting

Rockabill Island, Dublin, 1908. 

Killed striking light. 1st Irish Record

Wilson's Storm-petrel

Mossvale, near Dunmurry, Down, 1891. 

Obtained following a storm and died the following day. 2nd Irish Record

Little Bittern

Drinagh Bog, Wexford, 1887. 

Caught by a dog

Undated October records

First Records for

Today is 2nd October. The following first records for the Western Palearctic were found on this date:

Brown Noddy

2nd October, 1912.

Wadden Sea, near Husum, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Date approx. Said to have been killed in early October

Paulsen, P. 1925. Seltenheit der Schleswig-holsteinischen Ornis. Ornithologische Monatsberichte 50: 163-164.

Undated Autumn Western Palearctic Records



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Common Bird Photos from Ireland 
Spotted Flycatcher Wexford Ireland
Spotted Flycatcher (Muscicapa striata)
Great Saltee Island, County Wexford. September 6th, 2014.
Canon 7D  
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Spotted%20Flycatcher, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2013 Spotted%20Flycatcher, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2010 Spotted%20Flycatcher, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2010 Spotted%20Flycatcher, Carne, Wexford. 2009 Spotted%20Flycatcher, Cape Clear Island, Cork. 2006 
Northern Wheatear Wexford Ireland
Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe)
Hook Head, County Wexford. September 5th, 2014.
Canon 7D  
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Northern%20Wheatear, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2014 Northern%20Wheatear, Carne Harbour, Wexford. 2012 Northern%20Wheatear, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2006 Northern%20Wheatear, Ladys Island Lake, Wexford. 2002 
Sanderling Wexford Ireland
Sanderling (Calidris alba)
Tacumshin Lake, County Wexford. August 23rd, 2014.
Canon 7D  
2 more photo(s) of Sanderling:
Sanderling, Carne, Wexford. 2013 Sanderling, Carne Beach, Wexford. 2007 
Common Kingfisher Wexford Ireland
Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
River Slaney, County Wexford. August 10th, 2014.
Canon 7D  
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Common%20Kingfisher, Swords Estuary, Dublin. 2007 
Dunlin Wexford Ireland
Dunlin (Calidris alpina)
Tacumshin Lake, County Wexford. July 19th, 2014.
Canon 7D  
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Dunlin, Tacumshin Lake, Wexford. 2013 Dunlin, Tacumshin Lake, Wexford. 2010 Dunlin, North Slob Wexford Wildfowl Reserve, Wexford. 2009 Dunlin, Carne Beach, Wexford. 2007 Dunlin, Carne Beach, Wexford. 2007 Dunlin, Carne Beach, Wexford. 2007 
Linnet Wexford Ireland
Linnet (Carduelis cannabina)
Tacumshin Lake, County Wexford. July 5th, 2014.
Canon 7D  
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Linnet, Ladys Island Lake, Wexford. 2013 Linnet, Killag, Wexford. 2012 Linnet, Rosslare Harbour, Wexford. 2006 
Song Thrush Wexford Ireland
Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos)
Carne, County Wexford. May 17th, 2014.
Canon 7D, 300mm f4, +1.4x  
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Song%20Thrush, Ladys Island Lake, Wexford. 2013 Song%20Thrush, Whiterock, Wexford. 2010 Song%20Thrush, Whiterock, Wexford. 2010 Song%20Thrush, Churchtown, Wexford. 2007 
Common Whitethroat Wexford Ireland
Common Whitethroat (Sylvia communis)
Tacumshin Lake, County Wexford. May 11th, 2014.
Canon 7D, 300mm f4, +1.4x  
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Common%20Whitethroat, Ring Marsh, Wexford. 2010 Common%20Whitethroat, Carnsore Point, Wexford. 2005