Past Irish Rare Birds
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Rare birds found in Ireland in past years on today's date - September 17th:

Terek Sandpiper

Robertstown Creek, Foynes, Limerick, 2009. 

5th Irish Record

Greenish Warbler

Barry's Head, Cork, 2009. 

Rough-legged Buzzard

Copeland Island Bird Observatory, Down, 2003. 

Atlantic Gull

Black Rock, Kerry , 1994. 

Atlantic island race of Yellow-legged Gull. 1st Irish record

Fea's Petrel

Off Galley Head, Cork, 1991. 

5th Irish Record

Least Sandpiper

Our Lady's Island Lake, Wexford, 1978. 

5th Irish Record


St. John's Point, Down, 1968. 

Race svecica. 1st NI Record

Lesser Yellowlegs

Shanagarry Marsh, Cork, 1967. 

10th Irish Record

Temminck's Stint

Akeragh Lough, Kerry, 1964. 

10th Irish Record

Aquatic Warbler

The Waist, Cape Clear Island, Cork, 1963. 

Trapped. 8th Irish Record


Central Bog, Cape Clear Island, Cork, 1959. 

4th Irish Record

Barred Warbler

Great Saltee Island, Wexford, 1956. 

8th Irish Record

Little Ringed Plover

North Bull Island, Dublin, 1953. 

4 birds. 1st Irish Record

Little Bunting

Great Saltee Island, Wexford, 1953. 

4th Irish Record

Red-breasted Flycatcher

Great Saltee Island, Wexford, 1952. 

Trapped. 8th Irish Record

Subalpine Warbler

Hook Head Lighthouse, Wexford, 1933. 

Found dead. 1st Irish Record

Barred Warbler

Rockabill Island , Dublin, 1912. 

3rd Irish Record


Fastnet Rock, Cork, 1898. 

Found dead. 6th Irish Record

Squacco Heron

Waterville, Kerry, 1895. 

Shot. 8th Irish Record

Undated September records

First Records for

Today is 17th September. The following first records for the Western Palearctic were found on this date:

Northern Waterthrush

17th September, 1955.

Ile d'Ouessant, Finistere, France.


Etchecopar, R.D. 1995. Observation Ouessant et premiere capture en Europe de Seiurus novaeboracensis. L'oiseau et RFO 25: 313-314

Brook's Leaf Warbler

17th September, 1882.

Orenburg, Russia.

Considered unproven by some

Cramp, S. (ed) 1992. BWP 6. Oxford University Press

Undated Autumn Western Palearctic Records



Your chosen Common Bird photo: Bullfinch
Bullfinch Dublin Ireland
Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)
St. Margaret's, County Dublin.
January 5th, 2005
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Bullfinch, Carnsore Point, Wexford. 2010 Bullfinch, Carnsore Point, Wexford. 2003