Past Irish Rare Birds
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Rare birds found in Ireland in past years on today's date - January 29th:

Baikal Teal

Belfast Harbour RSPB Reserve, Down, 2006. 

2nd Irish Record

Laughing Gull

Rosscarbery, Cork, 2006. 

Eastern Jackdaw

Cruisetown, Louth, 1998. 

7 birds. 4th Irish Record

Eastern Jackdaw

Castlebellingham, Louth, 1998. 

5th Irish Record

Laughing Gull

Nimmo's Pier, Galway, 1996. 

King Eider

Off Baltimore, Cork, 1959. 

5th Irish Record

Greater Yellowlegs

unknown location, Dublin, 1947. 

Found dead in the Associated Merchandise Company's store in Dublin on this date. 2nd Irish Record

Undated January records

First Records for

Today is 29th January. The following first records for the Western Palearctic were found on this date:

Lesser Moorhen

29th January, 1895.

Near Funchal, Madeira.

Obtained. Original ID Black Crake. The specimen was lost for some time but once it was relocated in 2007 the correct identification was established

Matias, R. 2009. Removal of Black Crake Amaurornis flavirostris from the WP list, and the first record of Lesser Moorhen Gallinula angulata for Madeira. Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club 12

Undated Winter Western Palearctic Records



Your chosen Common Bird photo: Bullfinch
Bullfinch Dublin Ireland
Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)
St. Margaret's, County Dublin.
January 5th, 2005
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Bullfinch, Carnsore Point, Wexford. 2010 Bullfinch, Carnsore Point, Wexford. 2003