Past Irish Rare Birds
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Rare birds found in Ireland in past years on today's date - August 1st:

Bulwer's Petrel

Off Galley Head, Cork, 2013. 

2nd Irish Record

Red-necked Stint

Reenroe Beach, Ballinskelligs, Kerry, 2011. 

4th Irish Record

Pacific Golden Plover

Tacumshin Lake, Wexford, 2005. 

10th Irish Record. Subsequently observed near Lisbon, Portugal between the 13th and 17th August

Broad-billed Sandpiper

Bann Estuary, Derry, 1995. 

Stilt Sandpiper

Our Lady's Island Lake, Wexford, 1988. 

4th Irish Record

Stilt Sandpiper

Tacumshin Lake, Wexford, 1983. 

3rd Irish Record

Balearic Shearwater

Belfast Lough, Antrim, 1956. 

1st Irish Record

Sociable Plover

Near Navan, Meath, 1899. 

Shot. 1st Irish Record

Wood Sandpiper

Calary Bog, near The Sugarloaf, Wicklow, 1896. 

3 birds, 1 shot. 2nd Irish Record

Snowy Owl

Probably near Kilmore, Wexford, 1812. 

Speculative date. Shot on the first day of the shooting season and injured. Later captured and killed. 1st Irish Record

Undated August records

First for Western Palearctic

1st August. No WP firsts are known for this date.


Undated Autumn Records



Your chosen Common Bird photo: Puffin
Puffin Wexford Ireland
Puffin (Fratercula arctica)
Great Saltee Island, County Wexford.
May 31st, 2003
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Puffin, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2013 Puffin, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2011 Puffin, Great Saltee island, Wexford. 2006 Puffin, Great Saltee Island, Wexford. 2003