Past Irish Rare Birds
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Rare birds found in Ireland in past years on today's date - November 22nd:

King Eider

Blacksod Bay, Mullet Peninsula, Mayo, 2013. 

Buff-bellied Pipit

Clonea Strand, Waterford, 2011. 

Desert Wheatear

Brownstown Head, Waterford, 2011. 

7th Irish Record

Canada Goose

North Slob, Wexford, 2008. 

Pied-billed Grebe

Tacumshin Lake, Wexford, 2003. 

7th Irish Record

Brown Shrike

Ballyferriter, Kerry, 1999. 

1st Irish Record

Tundra Bean Goose

Braganstown, Louth, 1993. 

2 birds. 1st Irish Record

Canada or Cackling Goose

North Slob, Wexford, 1960. 

Up to 3 birds until March 1961. Considered to be genuine vagrants not identified to either species. 7th Irish Record

Richard's Pipit

Lucan, Dublin, 1907. 

Taken. 1st Irish Record

Undated November records

First Records for

Today is 22nd November. The following first records for the Western Palearctic were found on this date:

Broad-billed Roller

22nd November, 1897.

Ilha do Maio, Sotavento Islands, Cape Verde Islands.


Hazevoet, C.J. 1995. The Birds of the Cape Verde Islands. BOU Check-list 13. Tring

Undated Winter Western Palearctic Records



Damselflies/Dragonflies. Your chosen photo: Azure Bluet

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